Facials and Peels old

Customized Facials

You facial treatment will be custom in every way. On the day of your first appointment expect to fill out a client intake form. If you are looking to revamp you home care routine, please bring in the products you are currently using (or take a photo of the ingredients), so I can help educate you on what is best for your exact skin type. Please do not wax your face 1 week prior, or use retin-A and Accutane products 2 weeks prior to your visit.

Earthy Signature Facial

For all ages, races & skin types, incl. men & teens. Every facial includes deep pore cleansing, light exfoliation, extractions, custom masque, moisturizer & sun block/ LiraClinical BB Creme. Arm and hand massage included in some facials.

50 min / $105

Brightening & Lightening Enzyme Facial Treatments

For all skin types, Utilizing natural acids and Enzymes known for their fading, lightening and brightening results. For best results, pre-resurfacing prepping home care products strongly recommended. Avoid direct sun exposure and excessive heat 48 hrs. post treatment. Recommended in a series.


Modalities include: High frequency, LED, Ultrasound, Microdermabrasion, Retinal seal.

60 min / $130-$150

Customized Acid Peels

Acids are perfect for skin brightening, softening scars and fine lines, treating acne & peeling off excess dead skin layers. Peels are best done in a series but can be added to most facials. After analyzing your skin’s condition, your Esthetician will determine which peels are best. Purchase a customized series of 6 or more for a discounted price. Individual programs will vary in treatment & price. Prices for peeling other areas are gladly given on request.


Lactic, Glycolic, Mandelic, TCA, Vit.A & Salicylic

45 min / $130-$150

Earthy Express Facial

This is a deep cleaning treatment that will support mild acne conditions & impurities and gives skin extra anti-oxidant support. All skin types, especially clogged, sluggish blackhead prone skin. Includes extractions. Perfect lunch hour getaway! BB Crème applied to finish.

40 min / $75